Our vineyard crew shares descriptions with our winery equipment: widely sourced, workhorse, dependable, and honest. Our Vineyard Manager, Ben Kaisi, is a 20-year veteran of the construction industry.  Which is why aside from perfectly tended grapes we have immaculately built pump houses. Our Vineyard Foreman, Soccoro Casillas, has farmed our vineyards for over 20 years with the same crews. Our Harley driving mechanic and our beach-bum truck driver have both found their home with us after other careers. And most importantly, our vineyard workers work year round in all conditions, and show incredible stamina, cheer, and pride in their work.


Our cellar would be a shambles, and our cellar crew would be lost, without the leadership of our Cellarmaster Roman Cisneros. He knows what we do and why we do it better than anyone. He began working with our dad 25 years ago and Marietta Cellar’s success is largely due to his physical efforts. He is a calm, kind, caring man. He works with a unique crew that can be found without fail playing cards during lunch in the winter and basketball or soccer in the summer. The majority of the crew has worked with us for over ten years. Our newest employee has been with us for four years.


Our office is in the original house on the winery property. Viola Angeli, after whom Angeli Cuvée is named, lived here for fourteen years after selling the property to Dad. Now her house is surrounded by the winery and is the daily home of Jake and Scot, along with all of the office employees. Barry Ackerman is our fantastic and over-qualified Controller. Linda Walker is our Bookkeeper, Mother Hen, and Cheery Face (she took over when her sister retired from that position). And we are happy to have Edd Lopez as our National Sales and Marketing Director – the crucial link between the winery and its sales across all 50 states.