This opaque purple-colored wine offers up huge quantities of sweet black-cherries and cassis, intermixed with scents of pepper, truffles, and spices. Full-bodied, with a kirsch-like flavor, this dense, chewy, fleshy wine is California's answer to a top-notch Chateauneuf du Pape. If readers have not yet learned the formula, here it is: Marietta Cellars = high quality, modest prices, and considerable pleasure!

Robert Parker, Jr. on Old Vine Red

I would like to congratulate you for giving the world the perfect "Wednesday night wine." In a world where the average wine customer insists on drinking only Cabernet or Merlot, in a winemaking culture where the boundaries of varietal characteristics become indiscernible, I thank you for reassuring individuals that blends can satisfy diverse palates as well as scrutinizing wine drinkers. Please continue to produce this wine, and I promise I will ceaselessly encourage my fellow wine drinkers to explore the world of Marietta wines.

Drew Goin
, Cuban Liquor & Gourmet

It’s immediately evident how much Old Vine Red trumps mass-market competitors that cost only a couple of bucks less. It tastes like classic old-fashioned California table red, robust in that Zinfandel way, but a far cry from the generic and sugary confections against which it competes.

Jon Bonné, The New California Wine

I applaud your dad Chris for his down to earth sense and humbleness, (Hard to find these days at many California wineries.) and for his consistent, conscientious and great winemaking skill. It is nice to see that there is somebody out there who does not follow fads or trends. 
Thanks for the great wine!

Aaron Krahnert, Customer

My best value wineries of the year…
Bodega Tres Picos in Spain…
Marietta Cellars in Alexander Valley…
Louis Martini in Sonoma and Napa…
and Domaine Lefage in the Rousillon.

Robert M. Parker, Jr.

I’m sitting here listening to a little Bob Marley and drinking the best damn glass of wine I have had in a very long time—your Old Vine Red Lot 39.  I just felt compelled to let you know how very much I am enjoying it.  Each sip is better than the last; the wine and the music are a perfect pairing. 
Many thanks to you and your family, for bringing a big smile to this girl’s face after a very, very long day.


Tracy McConnel, Customer