At Marietta, we place a lot of emphasis on our instincts. Our dad paved the way by creating Old Vine Red in the early 1980’s. Way ahead of his time, he began making a non-vintage red blend sourced from California. What initially appeared to be a strange business decision became an iconic California wine.

Working with our dad we’ve learned a lot about following our instincts. In all facets of our business, when faced with a decision, we don’t just look at the trajectory of the industry, we look within. Our instincts tell us that good equipment is good equipment – it doesn’t have to be new. It tells us that shiny wineries don’t necessarily make better wine – they’re just shinier. And our instincts tell us that in many cases the best tools are our hands. It still feels right to make the best wine possible and to sell it at a fair price. That’s why we have expanded our father’s vision by creating Christo and Armé, both non-vintage red blends that over-deliver on quality. Our instincts tell us that Dad was right: being honest, being consistent, working hard, and thinking outside the box is more important than anything else in business.