What Matters

Dad taught us what matters. He is a tireless, big-hearted, and humble man. He made wine by feel and instinct. Following those ideals is what allows us to carry on his tradition of blending great wines and selling them at fair prices. At Marietta Cellars our wines are honest, generous, satisfying, and dependable. Just like our Dad.

— Jake & Scot Bilbro


The foundation of Marietta Cellars has always been family. It started half a century ago at Great Aunt Marietta’s table where Dad learned about simple, good cooking, hard work and honesty. We feel blessed to be carrying on those traditions, working alongside each other, making decisions together, and going through every day as brothers. But we’re just as proud of making wines that matter to you and your family. Wines with a place at your table.

The Marietta Cellars Family